What is it?

Management. Engagement. Recognition.

Safeverse is a gamified engagement platform where QHSE managers can create campaigns that increase the health, safety, quality and environmental performance of their organizations.

Crete engaging campaigns for your workforce.

Choose one of the campaign categories according to the area you want to improve and set your goals to achieve. As your employees interact with the campaigns your QHSE team manages your reports. Visualize your results and compare with the setpoints set in a constant process of continuous improvement.

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Reports everywhere

Use multiple channels of communication with your collaborators through mobile devices, cell phones, totem or web. Low cost in implementing technologies already available in your company.

Flash Actions

Create fast and efficient actions by directing them to the real causes of nonconformities based on the participation of your employees.

Visibility on the go

Get all of your campaign data in dashboards.

What is this?

Safeverse is a gamified engagement platform where QHSE managers can make campaigns to increase health & safety, quality and environment performances in their organizations.


Como funciona?

Step 1
Choose your goals

Choose one of the campaigns models related to the area you want to improve and define your goals to be achieved.

Manage your workflow

As your employees interact with campaigns, your QHSE team manages reports.

Check your results

Visualize your results and compare with your setpoins in a constant process of continous improvement.

Our methodology

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At the first moment we define altogether with our clients the targets to be reached in their HSE management systems, and we call this step onboarding, which includes the HSE team training.

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The second step we start the launching stage where we begin to present the workers our resources and creating the excitement.

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After everything have been prepared we start the phase three, the journey, which is how we call our safety campaign and it is how we get everyone involved in our method using a creative and engaging process with many levels.

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In the end we conclude and improve the whole process again at the landing stage, where we measure the results related to our targets reached and prepare to another cycle. Could you see the PDCA?!

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In our gamified campaigns as your employees create reports they earn many bagdes and scores and evolve their QHSE awarenesss this allow them receive real gifts from their managers. As we say here... "While employees hunt golden hardhats managers see their companies KPIs improve."

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To make easy the gift's delivery we created a marketplace where each employee can access and exchange their points in the campaigns for several gifts. So your company does not have to worry about this part of the process. When an employee rescues a gift, we send notifications so that the company also has a follow up of this process.

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We are social

The Movement

Why a global movement? We all need to fight for greater causes that give meaning to our lives and with our movement it is so. When an employee achieves a level of excellence in QHSE he becomes the holder of a title called golden hardhat. The golden hardhats are people who have the mission to further propagate our campaign and engage others in our cause.


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Clarify all your doubts about Safeverse.

What is gamification?

Gamification is not videogame. The gamification process uses the game mechanics elements, like, scores, ranking, prizes and objectives in order to create emotional engagement and motivation.

Do you give the gifts?

Yes. We have super cool kits for you to give away throughout your campaign.

Are you based on a standard?

Yes. Actually we are always aware of QHSE standards and norms and their updates and our method focuses specifically on clause #5 "Leadership and Worker Participation" of the recently launched ISO 45001 where it made quite clear the concern with the engagement and the connection that needs to be established between managers and employees.

My company does not allow the use of mobile phones in many areas. Is that a problem?

No problem, we have several communication channels such as totems and desktop, leaving the mobile devices to the allowed areas according to your internal standards. In addition, in training, we guide your safety team to assist the employees.

Do you have a free trial?

To succeed, the process depends on all the steps, so we need this implementation in order and with the planning. But we can present the tool for a period of tests oriented to the manager and his QSMS team.

I still have questions ... Can I get in touch?

Sure. Fill in our form Fale conosco and send your doubts contato@safeverse.com.br and we get in touch soon:)